Download Gold WhatsApp Plus APK Latest Version v33.00 2024 (Anti-Ban)

Gold WhatsApp Plus APK is like a fancy version of regular WhatsApp. Loads of people have downloaded it, more than 10 million super quickly! It has cool stuff you can’t get in regular WhatsApp. With WhatsApp Gold App, you can do extra stuff, like making things look how you want and keeping your stuff private. You can even send big files like PDFs, Word stuff, photos, and videos.

Gold WhatsApp APK is made for Android devices. It’s got some awesome features that regular WhatsApp doesn’t have, like stopping others from deleting messages, hiding chats, and more! download Here.

Technical Information

App NameGold WhatsApp
Version33.00 (Official Version)
Total Downloads19,36,456+
File TypeAPK File
LicenseFully Unlocked
Size75 MB
Android Requirement4.1+
Updated On1 Day Ago

What’s New in Gold WhatsApp Plus APK

  • You can now show or hide if you’re an admin in a group.
  • Translate text statuses easily.
  • Put your contacts’ status directly in your own.
  • Share lots of pictures and videos all at once, outside the app.
  • Find messages you haven’t read easily.
  • Draw and doodle with a new drawing pen.
  • Decide who gets to see you online.
  • Leave a group without everyone knowing.
  • Group admins can clean up messages from others.
  • Check out who was in the group before.
  • React quickly to statuses.
  • Enjoy a new and better privacy design.

WhatsApp Gold Features

Helpful Features

  • Switch on airplane mode quickly.
  • Choose between light and dark themes.
  • Set up auto-replies and message schedules.
  • Send messages to multiple contacts at once.
  • Back up and restore your messages.
  • Message any number easily.
  • Manage notifications to avoid interruptions.
  • Increase the limit on forwarding messages.
  • Stay online all the time if you want.
  • Clear out WhatsApp logs and temporary files.
  • Use Multiple Accounts
  • Message A Number Directly
  • Two different WhatsApp uses
Features OF WhatsApp Gold APK

Customization Options

  • Choose from over 4000 stylish themes.
  • Save, load, or download themes.
  • Personalize the colors, style, fonts, and overall look of WhatsApp.
  • Customize your home and conversation screens.
  • Tweak your notifications.
  • Use the handy GoWA Widget.

Security Features

  • Lock your WhatsApp with a pattern, fingerprint, or PIN.
  • Hide specific chats for extra privacy.
  • Add a recovery question just in case.
  • Make your lock pattern invisible.
  • Stay under the radar with the anti-ban system.
  • Hide media from your phone’s gallery.
  • More Powerful App Lock
Setup Auto Reply

Privacy Features

  • Keep your “last seen” frozen in time.
  • Make messages visible only once.
  • Stop messages from being forwarded.
  • Control who can call you.
  • Hide if you’ve seen a status.
  • Prevent others from deleting their statuses.
  • Get rid of the “download statuses” button.
  • Keep your messages from being deleted.
  • Show blue ticks only after you’ve replied.
  • Hide various status indicators


Many colorful icons

Chat Screen Features

  • Play around with message bombs.
  • Use auto-text to save time.
  • Send thumbs up and hearts instantly.
  • Embellish your text for a fun touch.
  • Customize your privacy settings.
  • Automatically download media tailored to your preferences.
  • Keep contact names hidden for privacy.
  • Enhance security and manage calls.
Special Gold WhatsApp Theme Store

How To Install Gold WhatsApp Plus APK

Follow these steps to install WhatsApp Gold Mod APK on your Android device.

First, you need to say bye-bye to your regular WhatsApp. So, uninstall it, but don’t worry, we’ll save your stuff. Some ideas to Get backup in your device. To keep your chats safe, open WhatsApp and go to settings. Tap on ‘Chat’ and then ‘Chat backup.’ Hit that ‘chat backup’ button to save your stuff.

After that

  1. Download the APK File from this website.
  2. Enable Unknown Sources go to settings and find ‘Unknown Sources.’ Turn it on.
How To Install WhatsApp Gold APK

3. Find where you saved the APK file. Maybe it’s in your ‘Downloads’ folder.

Locate the Downloaded APK File

4. Initiate the Installation Process, and confirm to installation of the application. Say ‘yes’ when it asks if you’re ready.

confirm to installation of the application
Goldwhatsapp install

5. Once it’s done, open up Gold WhatsApp. It’s like entering a whole new world!

Open Gold WhatsApp.

6. Set up your account. Give them your info and verify your phone number.

verify your phone number.

Provide the information, and verify your phone number

7. Now, let’s make it yours! Customize the look and privacy settings however you like.

8. Enjoy Gold WhatsApp also called yellow WhatsApp download.

How To Download Gold WhatsApp APK

Download WhatsApp Gold, Hey there! Wanna grab the newest gold WhatsApp apk download latest version. No sweat, we’ve got your back! Check out the link we’ve put in our article for the latest and greatest Gold WhatsApp. Ready to get WhatsApp Gold free download now?


What’s Gold WhatsApp?

Gold WhatsApp is like a special WhatsApp. It’s been changed to have extra cool things. Imagine it’s like a fancy version of regular WhatsApp.

Is WhatsApp Gold reliable?

Not really. It’s like buying ice cream from a street vendor instead of an ice cream shop. Sometimes it’s good.

What are the special things about WhatsApp Gold?

WhatsApp Gold has all the regular stuff like normal WhatsApp, but it also has some extra cool things you can use when you’re chatting. Fancy texts, quick replies, and more emojis!

Which is better, WhatsApp Gold or GB WhatsApp?

Both are amazing apps However, WhatsApp Gold has more fun stuff to play with.

Can I use both WhatsApp and WhatsApp Gold on one phone?

Yes, you can use both WhatsApp versions, but with different phone numbers.

Final Word

Check this out! We’ve broken down WhatsApp Gold new in this article. We’ve got everything you need to know about it, especially if you’re new to it. We’ve even got a step-by-step guide on how to get it up and running. Go ahead and download Gold WhatsApp apk latest version 2024 from here – hit that Download button. And hey, share the good vibes! Pass this article along to your friends and family so they can dive into the Gold WhatsApp fun too. We’ll catch you later with more cool stuff.

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