Why Was Your WhatsApp Gold Account Banned and How to Fix It?

Why Did Your WhatsApp Gold Account Get Blocked?

WhatsApp Gold operates on the same server as the official WhatsApp, which allows the app to keep an eye on user activities and spot any suspicious actions, like spamming.

Why Your WhatsApp Gold Account Was Banned and How to Fix It?

To avoid getting banned, it’s advisable to reset your privacy settings. Navigate to the “MODS” section, choose “Privacy settings,” and then click on “Reset privacy.”

To keep your WhatsApp Gold account safe, steer clear of certain actions:

  1. Avoid Forwarding Multiple Messages at Once: Sending multiple messages in a short time can trigger issues.
  2. Refrain from Long-Term Status Posts: Posting lengthy statuses could raise concerns.
  3. Disable Automatic Replies: Turning off automatic replies is a good practice.
  4. Avoid Sending Abusive Messages: Sending harmful or abusive messages can lead to reports from others.
  5. Avoid Frequent Uninstallations and Reinstallations: Repeatedly uninstalling and reinstalling WhatsApp Gold is not advisable.
  6. Exercise Caution with Shared Content: Be mindful not to share unwanted messages, pictures, or videos.
  7. Avoid Removing Many People from a Group: Regularly removing numerous members from a group can disrupt the group’s dynamics.

If your WhatsApp Gold account faces a ban, here are two ways to address it:

  1. Tap on “Request a Review” when you discover your account is banned. Submit a request to unblock your account on the following screen.
  2. If the first method doesn’t resolve the issue, reach out to the support team via email at support@support.whatsapp.com. You can utilize the provided email template and adjust it to suit your situation.

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