WhatsApp Gold V9.74 Update: Scheduler Fixed and App Crashes Resolved

WhatsApp Gold Update V9.74 brings two important updates to enhance your WhatsApp experience. Firstly, we fixed a problem where the Message Scheduler feature would suddenly crash. Secondly, we resolved an issue where some users couldn’t open WhatsApp Gold on certain mobile devices.

Fix for Message Scheduler Crash

Many users love the Message Scheduler feature in WhatsApp Gold. It lets you schedule messages, a useful addition not present in the original WhatsApp. However, in the previous version, there was a problem – the scheduler would crash. With this update, we’ve fixed this issue, making sure the Message Scheduler works smoothly and improves your overall WhatsApp experience.

Fix for App Inaccessibility

Some users faced a problem where WhatsApp Gold wouldn’t open on their devices. If it wasn’t a memory issue, updating to WhatsApp Gold V9.74 will solve this problem and let you access the app without any trouble.

Closing Thoughts

WhatsApp Gold V9.74 is all about fixing these problems and making your experience better. We’re committed to improving and evolving WhatsApp Gold to give you a fantastic user experience. This update also includes general bug fixes, making sure the app runs smoothly. Stay updated by visiting our website, goldwhts.com, where we share the latest news and insights about WhatsApp Gold and its journey of improvement.

Upgrade to WhatsApp Gold V9.74 now and enjoy a smoother WhatsApp experience!

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